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About Counseling Services

Life at SUA is a time of great change, transition, and personal growth. It can be exciting, fulfilling, and sometimes challenging. There are times when the demands of university life may feel overwhelming and lead to academic, emotional, and/or social difficulties. Counseling Services provides a safe and confidential place to assist students in coping with the various issues they may encounter. Areas of concern may include:

•Interactive Elements


•Relationships with roommates, friends, family, or significant others

•Questions about identity and/or sexual orientation

•Managing an existing mental health condition

•Body Image

•Eating Disorders



•Grief and Loss in addition to helping students cope with personal issues

Counseling Services assists those seeking help with decision making, guidance about how to help a distressed classmate, or who simply wish to talk to someone.

Students have several free confidential counseling options available for in-person or tele-health appointments:

  1. Soka employs April Nelson Afoa who is a licensed mental health professional who provides individual & relational on-campus and tele-health counseling sessions to SUA students. She is located in the Ikeda Library 3rd floor Student Affairs suite, room 309. Because she is often in closed session with other students, the best way to reach her to get more information or to schedule an appointment with her, please email
  2. Soka is partnered with Carolyn Noble-Loder who runs a private practice near campus & is available to black and African identifying students. Soka students can email to schedule an appointment.
  3. Soka has contracted Virtual Care Group (VCG), a tele-health platform, that offers on-demand urgent calls 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, on-going counseling appointments with a designated provider who matches students' preferences & needs, and on-going life coaching appointments to address issues such as how to create & live within a budget, how to prioritize & organize your time, how to best approach a problem or make a plan for achieving a goal. Register to access any of VCG's services. Be sure to enter 92656 when prompted.










Counseling Services

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