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The Asian Diasporas Club will provide a safe, politicizing space for students who self-identify as apart of the Asia diaspora and want to engage in social justice activism related to our communities and communities we are in solidarity with. Statement of Purpose: Asian Diasporas will serve as space to engage with and learn from but not limited to Asian activism locally and globally at the discursive level in centering colonized voices and at the praxis level through academic conferences, local call-to-actions, speakers, workshops, and other means of mobilization for communities we are in solidarity with, as necessary. We are not limited to examining the Asia Pacific in our anti-imperialist discourse and remember that identifying as an "Asian Pacific Islander" is a western imposed label. We operate on but are not limited to the following 6 tenants: 1. Foster a Safe Space for Azn Diasporas. Our experiences are validated. We will seek to build resources as needed for one another. We will share time on field trips to our ethnic communities, food bonding, speakers, and teach-ins. 2. Operate in terms of anti-imperialism. Our homelands have been affected by many imperialisms and colonialisms; we are in solidarity with our homelands. 3. Activate in engagement with Activists/Activist groups, and learn from Ethnic Studies, Critical Theory, Decolonial pedagogies. 4. Unpack our Identities in Relation to our other BIPOC Communities and one another. 5. Operate in tandem with third world/transnational feminist principles. 6. Understand our Experiences. We understand that the Pan-Asian experience is different than the Pacific Islander experience in contrast to the Western-imposed “Asian Pacific” label that has been given to us. We act in solidarity with Pacific Islanders to work on dismantling imperialist and oppressive systems









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