Explore new interests, build friendships, and enhance your Soka experience by joining a club!

Clubs at SUA

Clubs are a great way to bring people together with shared interests whether it be art, sports, academic, or professional track. clubs are open to all students (Undergrad, Grad, and Bridge) and there are no fees to join! If you have an idea for a new club, scroll down to learn more about the privileges, benefits, and requirements to become a registered club.

Benefits & Privileges of Registered Orgs

All registered clubs are eligible to request the following services, training, and resources from the University to best accomplish their goals.

Leadership Training Opportunities

Group Email Account and Sokannect Webpage

Holding On- & Off-Campus Activities/Trips with Assistance from the University Offices

University Funding

Meeting/Practice Room Reservations, Storage, and Equipment Rental

Large Poster Printing and Posting Fliers On Campus

About Us

Club Senate is an entity within the Soka Student Union (SSU) to serve as a resource for registered clubs and students who wish to start a club. We are comprise of 3 officers: a president, secretary and treasurer. As Club Senate, we will support students with club registration and re-registration, co-host the Student Org Expo, coordinate training with University offices, and provide forums for clubs and organizations to collaborate and achieve their goals. We also manage club funds that all clubs may apply for each semester and facilitate communication regarding clubs to other areas on campus.

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