22-23 Registered Clubs

Below are the clubs that were active in 2022-2023.  If you are interested in starting a new club, click here for more information!

Club Name Club Type Mission Statement
Soka Cheer Team Dance It is the mission of the Soka Cheerleading Team to promote and uphold team spirit in all environments, to show spirit and pride in our school, to develop good sportsmanship by example, and to support good relations in the community and between teams and squads during events.
Soka Rotaract Professional Rotaract stands for Rotary in Action, and "The mission of Rotary International is to provide service to others, promote integrity, and advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace through its fellowships of business, professional, and community leaders." Currently, Rotaract serves as a community for young professionals interested in professional and community development, and exchanign ideas.
Golden Eagle Film Club Arts This club aims to explore diverse mediums and techniques of visual storytelling and blend this knowledge with individual introspection to synthesize genuine and egaging film narratives.
Ghungroo Dance Ghungroo Club's Mission is bring together the soak student body by introducing them to Indian culture through dacne and celebration of Indian Festivals to create bonds through culture and frienship with various dance forms, from Bollywood dance, Bhanga to traditional dance such as Bharatnatyam.
Instant Radio Music Through interacting with various music cultures, we can appreciate the sense of harmony that is an essential quality for global citizens. Music can be utilized as a means of communications with others, which allows us to overcome any differences between individuials.
Go Soka Social Our mission is to provide a space to enjoy a GO game which is a strategy board game in which two players compete against each other to surround more territory than the opponent.
Josho Daiko Music Our Mission is to inspire everyone through the art of Taiko playing, which is deeply related to the club name. Josho Daiko embodies the spirit of Josho, which stands for "ever-victorious" in Japanese. The group name was given by the founder of SUA. Therefore, we will convey passion and inspiration to everyone watching our performance.
Jyuhwa Dance We aim to bring together the K-pop fandom community and also introduce K-Pop to those that are unfamiliar with it while forming meaningful bonds amongst team members as we share and apply our different cultures into dance.
Kendo Club Sport Kendo was created to provide a space for students to learn the martial art of kendo, functions as defined within the body of this constitution and by-laws. We shall serve as resources for the campus population and become a catalyst for encouraging individual development through kendo.
Birdsminton Sport To create a unified team of players that understand and love the sport of badminton. This will include: understanding the rules, minting a playing schedule, and a have a positive group environment.
CODE SOKA Professional Our mission is to create technlogical awareness among SUA students, especially with learning programming languages. We also want to bridge the gap between a Liberal Arts and STEM education as well as be a positively influence the technological evolution at Soka.
In Sync Dance Our Mission is to create a space for students where we will be able to learn the basics of dance, relax, have fun, and make friends through music and dance.
Soka Archery Club Sport The Soka Archery Club, which was founded in the fall of 2016, is a dynamic and engaging club on Soka's campus. Its mission is to introduce Soka students to the sport of archery - a sport and passion they can enjoy for a lifetime. In many cases, students at Soka have never enjoyed exposure or the opportunity to participate in the sport of archery.
Soka Counseling Society Professional We, the undersigned, as an organization, intend to provide support to the students who are interested in management consulting as a profession. We constitute our organization Soka Consulting Society, and do hereby establish and adopt this constitution and its governing by-laws. We shall serve as a resource for the campus population and foster the interest in management consulting.
Soka Psychology Professional SUA Psychology's mission is to help students at SUA interested in psychology or adjacent careers achieve their career goals!
Soka Fitness Sport Soka Fitness is dedicated to helping studetns improve their health, attain their goals, and have fun. SOKA FIT educates students about controlling their body weight, and can help them put together a diet at suits them best.
Alles Believe in Culturelle Danketsu Academic Our goal is learn cultures from different parts of the world through language and food, and understand the true spirit of global citizen through diveristy.
Soul Wings Music Soul Wings want to create meaningful connections among the club members and promote an inclusive culture on this Soka campus with the power of music.
Soka Rappers Music To celebrate the culture of Rap internationally and foster the utilization of this music genre to achieve global citizenship and self-expression.
SUA Watchmakers Art Enjoy watchmaking through the process of building and repairing watches for clients.
Cross-Country Skiing Sport To Learn and practice cross-country skiing!
Backpackers Hiking Club Sport This clubs aims to restore contact with and fostering appreciation for nature in students, by the means of hiking, mountaineering, and rock-climbing.
Soka Skateboard Scholars Sport The mission of our club is to provide the population of the campus with a safe space to take a break from schoolwork and stress, as well as offer the opportunity for the population of the campus to learn and try skateboarding
Vita Leonis Philharmonic Orchestra Music VLPO is a group were we want to enjoy playing music with music lovers, grow through rehearsal and interacting with members, and to contribute to the school and society.
Inner Child Healing Social The mission for our club is to provide a space for open healing of past trauma, through child-like exercises and activities.
Mahjong Club Social The purpose of this organization is to engage in cultrual exchange and have fun at the same time. One well-known benefit of Mahjong is that people can have casual conversations with other players wile playing, and that can foster friendship. In addition, there are several rules of Mahjong (such as the Japanese or Chinese Versions), and learning differnt rules contibute to having a deeper understanding of other cultures.
The Writings of Daisaku Ikeda Study Group Academic Our mission is to engage in study and reflection based on Ikeda's writings; discuss local and global issues based on the learning and understanding; and be empowered to take concrete actions and exercise leadership in our communities.
Dohori Academic Our mission is to create a space for enjoyment and relaxation as members engage in Nepali Culture.
Exploration of Education Professional Our mission is to cultivate an understanding of education within the SUA student body in order to provide the best education possible to the world as a whole.
Sokanomics Professional Create a space to incentivize discussions about current economic affairs, sustainable economic strategies, and professional and academic oppurtunities for different career paths pertaining to economics.
Cats in Crowns Music Our mission is to provide studetns with a means of creative collaboration with one another. We want to inspire our listeners and dissolve social boundaries through a collection appreciation of art.
Koto Club Music Our mission is to share a part of Japanese culture through our Koto performances. By representing one culutre at SUA, we can support to make this univeristy more diverse.
Soka Pre-Law Club Professional Soka Pre-Law Club's mission is to provide students interested in pursuing legal education with information, opportunities, and resources related to law school admission and the legal profession.